Wardrobe Architect Week Three: Exploring shapes

IMG_8715Wardrobe Architect Week Three! Thinking hard about what words my style encompasses was quite enlightening; since then I’ve been kicking myself that I didn’t think of the word ‘kooky’. I know, I worry too much. Anyway I am excited to be looking at real clothing shapes  rather than more abstract ideas. This is where the fun starts 😉 This week is all about filling in tables with preferences for different styles (I’m sorry it’s so small, I can’t seem to make it any bigger).Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 22.10.03

So some styles that I rate really highly on here are knee length or slightly shorter skirts, both full and pencil. I love a dropped waist, but sadly I’m not an art deco starlet and they make me look hideous, so I rated that very low. Another thing I’ve realised is that calf length skirts look really frumpy on me. I always imagine I’ll look like a stylish ’50s housewife, but I actually look like a child wearing an older sibling’s hand-me-downs. My swirl skirt and my red velvet dress are both waiting for some hem reduction to knee level now that I’ve realised this. Same goes for trousers – I can go for normal long trousers or proper shorts, but the middle ground is a no-go area unless I want to look like a boy scout.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 22.07.20This last part about the necklines and sleeves is all about balance for me. I’ve rated necklines that add bulk fairly low – I’m small and therefore don’t pull off big bulky turtlenecks. Sleeveless is my least favourite type of sleeve – although I do wear it sometimes I prefer to add a cap sleeve or a kimono sleeve to balance out my larger hips.

So there you go. I thought of creating some graphs or something for this post, but I  don’t think there are any particularly interesting trends to reveal from the ratings, so I will just keep this post short and sweet. Next week is all about creating sillhouettes, are you excited?

I know what you’re thinking, where are all the pretty pictures?? Well, tables of data didn’t lend themselves to the prettiest post ever, but I finished my Mathilde blouse on the weekend, so I promise to provide you with a picture-filled post soon!

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