Me Made May 2016 – I’ve Signed Up, Have You?



It’s that time of year again! How did it come around so quickly?! Time for all the sewing bloggers (and non-bloggers!) to prep their wardrobes ready for the wonderful challenge that is Me Made May 2016. Last year I found this a bit of a struggle because I had to keep washing and wearing the same few items and I got pretty bored of them by the end of the month. This year I have made a lot more items and have several tops, which was my main wardrobe hole last time, so hopefully it will be fairly easy. I do tend to wear me made clothes several times a week anyway.

So, here’s my pledge:

I, Bonnie from Summer Sun Bear, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I endeavour to wear at least one item of me made clothing each day for the duration of May 2016, not including PJs or underwear.

I would love to get to the stage where I could wear entirely me mades, but I haven’t tackled trousers or cardigans yet – wardrobe hole identified and acknowledged.

Last year I entirely failed to document any of MMMay past the first week, so I’m not going to promise anything, but my plan is to instagram a photo every day and then possibly write a roll up post either weekly or at the end of the month. Will see how it goes! The main thing is that I wear the clothes and enjoy the experience. Come and join the instagram party – I’m @summersunbear :)

Have you signed up for Me Made May 2016? Are you looking forward to it? I know I am!

Cute Lambs, Sewing Withdrawal and Me Made May



I am lucky enough to be dating a man whose uncles own a sheep farm in Wales, so I spent my bank holiday with some extremely cute lambs :) A few of them have been separated out from the herd for one reason or another, so they need bottle-feeding 3-4 times a day and needless to say I was a pretty willing volunteer. There were also a few tottering calves and lots of mums-to-be milling around, all watched over by the eagle-eyed sheep dogs. I love taking my camera round the farm, there are so many opportunities for interesting pictures.

When I wasn’t busy with the lambs I had a few welding lessons – to get the whole farm experience! Turns out I’m pretty handy with the ol’ welding if I do say so myself. All in all, not the best weekend to start wearing all my precious me-made clothes really. But I made a pledge and I certainly wasn’t going to fail in the first week, so I wore the ones that wash well and could be covered up by a huge coat to save them from the mud. Perhaps this is a wardrobe hole I need to consider – homemade clothes I dislike enough I’m happy to let a lamb dribble milk all over them… Anyway, here’s what I’ve been wearing so far!

I had a great time on the farm, but during the lulls I was really itching to get back to my sewing machine! Do any of you get withdrawal symptoms from sewing? I knew I had the makings of a cream Mathilde blouse sitting on my sewing bench and I desperately wanted to start it! Perhaps I need to take a trailer full of sewing supplies with me wherever I go so I can get my fix. Like a lot of bloggers out there, sewing is my therapy, so I get really frustrated when I can’t pick it up.

Well I’m back now and I’ve just cut out all my pieces so I’m ready to go. Still can’t decide if I should put sleeves on it yet though, what do you think? I love the Mathilde sleeves, but I’m planning to gather the front instead of pin-tucks, so I think the sleeves as well might make it a bit billowy. I reckon I’ll make it and try it on without sleeves and see how it looks. Got plenty of fabric, so maybe I can try both.

How are your Me Made Mays going? Finding any wardrobe holes yet?

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Sun, Sewing and Sushi


It’s been so sunny here in Oxford! Finally able to get my head into floaty summer dresses and stop dreaming so much of chunky knit cardies. Anyone else got cotton lawn on the brain?

I had an eventful weekend shopping, watching the Boat Race (woo, we won!) and then making sushi with my friends. When I said in my first post that I might bring up food I hadn’t anticipated I wouldn’t make it past post 3 before mentioning it again, but when there’s sushi to show you, what’s a girl to do?  We had lots of fun making them and we were SO full afterwards – don’t they look delicious? We filled the maki (rolled up ones) with aubergine, avocado, tofu and omelette. Yum!

IMG_8699 IMG_8707 IMG_8706
Anyway, I may have had a lot on this weekend, but I still found time to sew up a simple summer dress. I wore it this afternoon to “road test” it and I think I still have some tweaks to do to it, but I’ll hopefully be able to post about it this week. I also had an online fabric binge this morning and ended up ordering this lovely organic knit from Birch Fabrics. I have spent so long with my Featherweight only being able to do straight stitch that I haven’t tried knit fabric, so I’m looking forward to giving it a go now I’ve got some zig-zag action! I’m thinking a t-shirt dress at the moment, or maybe a batwing top?

skinnychevcoralSo I’ve been thinking of doing Me Made May. I’ve been aware of this going on in sewing circles for a couple of years, but I’ve never had the time or the wardrobe to consider taking part myself. This year, though, I think I might be able to do it! I haven’t pledged yet because I’m still torn between the five day or seven day challenge. I have a little while to go, so I may see what garments come off the sewing bench in the next couple of weeks. I promise not to panic sew though, I know that’s not allowed!