Swirl Skirt (And A Bit About Pierrots)

At Christmas our work party had a “black and white” theme, which I thought was really lame. That is, until I dreamed up this swirl skirt! I unfortunately didn’t finish it for the party and ended up wearing it pinned together at the waist, so here is the finished version!
It’s essentially a circle skirt, but made up of 6 curved panels of satin (?) sewn together to make the circle. All the curved seams were a massive pain, but it was good practice! I ended up with the waistband being a little too tight, but overall it’s very cute. I’m considering shortening it now that it’s not for a party anymore – I never really wear midi skirts. This was also my first attempt at making the inside look pretty, so that’s an important milestone! I might write a tutorial for a swirly circle skirt if anyone’s interested?



For the work party, I also whipped up a little ruff and went with a pierrot themed outfit. Not too clowny, just a hint! The picture below was part of my inspiration – who knew there was so much pierrot fashion out there? Make-up’s really weird, but the ruff is so cute! I’ll be honest, I love this sort of flouncy ruff, but I’m not sure I would have the confidence to just add one to a non-costume outfit. What do you think? Can we bring them back into fashion? I guess I can stick with ruffles.  Try googling “pierrot fashion” and looking at the images – there’s some awesome and terrifying stuff out there.


Between writing this and posting it, I found someone who had created a proper Pierrot costume over at Crab and Bee! Hers is definitely not for casual wear though.

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