Swimsuits and New Domains

If you look in your browser bar you might see I’ve started using a shiny new domain! I am a website tester by day and I always planned to switch and be able to tinker around with the site, so here I am. Hopefully none of you will see any difference, but please do let me know if something’s not working or you’re not getting my posts! All followers and comments have been transferred over, so hopefully it will be seamless! Haha, a sewing pun! Not even deliberate.

Anyone who knows me knows what a BBC News junkie I am. It feels like a more legitimate way to procrastinate at work than blogging or crosswords and who would want to miss the “Can you create a majority government?” game, articles about dogs driving cars or today’s favourite, “Kim Jong-un’s brother visits London to watch Eric Clapton”?

But I digress, what I want to tell you about is today’s fabulous magazine article about swimsuits through the ages. If you haven’t seen it, it is a vintage fashion lover’s dream and I urge you go and take a look – beach pyjamas anyone? Then when you’ve read it we can all go to the exhibition that sparked the article at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London and drool over all the exhibits (not literally obviously, might get thrown out). And THEN we can all make some lovely vintage swimsuits!

I’ll leave you with my favourite swimsuit from the article, the women’s tan and blue scalloped edge swimsuit. I REALLY need this in my life. When I’m a master pattern cutter, this will be the first item on my list. Can you even buy “lastex” these days?

Women’s tan and blue scalloped edge swimsuit, 1953 (Copyright: Leicestershire County Council Museums Service)

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