Spice Up Your Pyjamas

I am a very selfish sewist usually, but as I’ve improved and projects seem less mountainous I have started to think about projects I can make for other people. This, combined with my boyfriend complaining of ill-fitting pyjamas and some excellent chilli printed cotton, conspired to get me to make some PJs for him.


The fabric is quilting cotton from Fabric Land in Bristol. It’s not the prettiest shop with the highest quality fabric, but it’s a good place for a bargain and this cotton was no exception (think it was about £3 a metre). It’s the sort of print that is hard to pull off as daywear and therefore lends itself excellently to pyjamas. That’s how it works, right?

I drafted the pattern myself from a well-loved old pair of pyjama shorts by laying it out on the paper to measure the height and width and a couple of points along the inner curve, then I added in the crotch curve as a smooth curve between measurements.


The waist is loosely elasticated and there are pockets (these PJs aren’t just for looking pretty!). For the construction I vaguely followed the instructions in Love at First Stitch for Margot pyjama bottoms, which were really helpful and clear. It was a very quick sew and I can imagine lots more of these coming off the sewing bench both for me and for him!

Sadly Ben has refused to model his favourite jim-jams for you all, so you’ll have to imagine how fabulous they look on.

ChilliPJs3Not gonna lie, they did make me think of Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook when I had them all laid out, but I think they’re really fun. Managed to get some perfect seam alignment at the crotch, but didn’t make much (any) attempt at pattern matching. For such a bold pattern, you probably would need to pattern match for a shirt or something, but there’s no way I’m going to that much effort for something that’s not going to leave the house. Hopefully he won’t notice 😉


ChilliPJs1Here are some pictures of the inside as well. My sewing machine has a faux overlock stitch that I used on a couple of garments, but I’ve decided that I actually really like the look of zig-zag finished seams and it’s a lot quicker and less thread consuming. With cotton like this, the zig-zag stitch will actually fold over the edge of the material if you get it aligned right, which looks really neat. This is probably something you all already know, but I was extremely excited when it happened to me.

ChilliPJs5The only complaint I’ve had is that they pull down a bit at the back after wearing for a while, so I may go back to the pattern and give a bit more booty room for the next pair, but all in all I’m really pleased with these. They’re the first thing I’ve made with legs, which is pretty exciting! I’ll be making skinny jeans in no time.

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