Sakura Clemence Skirt

All this work on bodice slopers and muslins left me in need of a quick sewing project! Plus I thought you all deserved some colourful pictures after all the beige muslin 😉 I recently invested in a copy of Tilly’s Love at First Stitch, so I decided to give the Clemence skirt a go. I’ve made self drafted gathered skirts before, but this time I decided I would follow some instructions and make sure I was doing it right!



This gorgeous cherry blossom fabric was a birthday present from Becca a couple of years ago, which I’ve only just had the guts to cut into (Sakura is Japanese for cherry blossom, hence the name of my Clemence). I love me a Japanese inspired print and the red and black on the turquoise background is a very pretty colour way – I’ve realised recently that I don’t have enough light, summery colours in my wardrobe, so this skirt should help me bring in the summer in style.




I used red fabric for the pockets for a pop of colour and put in strips of shell fabric to stabilise the opening of the pocket. Worked out very well because I had a metre of fabric, which exactly cut into a waistband, front and back pieces and a little rectangle which I could cut into these strips. Feels so good when you have zero fabric waste! I always feel so guilty about wasting anything, so I have a big box of useless fabric scraps I can’t bear to part with. Might be quite cool to make a patchwork headscarf or something out of them? What do you do with fabric scraps?



Anyway, I digress! The construction of the skirt is very simple and Tilly’s instructions were very clear as usual. The one problem I had was some twisting of the fabric in the waistband. This was almost certainly because I very naughtily neglected to press the fabric before sewing down the inside of the waistband. This is what happens when I rush to complete a project before bed time! It actually looks fine when I’m wearing it, but I think I’ll unpick it and redo it when I have a spare hour because it’s annoying to have it nearly perfect.


SakuraClemence7All in all, I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of this skirt. I love the colours and gathered skirts with tops tucked in are a silhouette that I really like (more on that when I finally get back onto my Wardrobe Architect challenges!). I’m looking forward to trying the other Love at First Stitch patterns, especially Mimi and Lilou, but I’m still a bit afraid of the upper body fitting challenges, so I may wait until my sloper’s finished to get stuck into those.

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