Hello World!

Isn't she pretty?

Well look at that, I have given birth to a blog. And what a fabulous blog it shall be!

So the main thing I want to talk about is my sewing habit. A couple of years ago I found an old Singer Featherweight sewing machine in a charity shop for £30 and it was the start of an addiction. I started with a couple of little zip bags, moved onto the odd skirt or dress and around this time, The Great British Sewing Bee graced our screens. I was so inspired that there were others like me who wanted to have unique clothes that fit properly and it was so much fun to see people doing what I wanted to do. This also introduced me to the world of sewing blogs, with Tilly and the Buttons making it’s way into my bookmarks.

Isn't she pretty?
Isn’t she pretty?

Despite having been doing it for a while, I found it hard to fit into my routine, but recently it’s grown from occasional hobby to full blown obsession and I want to take it to the next level. So here I am! I want to document what I’ve made, what I’m planning to make, what works, what’s crap, fabric I’m excited about, patterns I want, skills I’m learning. I’ve upgraded my machine, I’ve got a whole pile of fabric in my stash and lots of ideas, so let’s see where I end up.


Oh, and I might also find some time to talk about a few other things I love – vegetarian food, French films, magical realism… whatever takes my fancy!

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