Cute Lambs, Sewing Withdrawal and Me Made May


I am lucky enough to be dating a man whose uncles own a sheep farm in Wales, so I spent my bank holiday with some extremely cute lambs :) A few of them have been separated out from the herd for one reason or another, so they need bottle-feeding 3-4 times a day and needless to say I was a pretty willing volunteer. There were also a few tottering calves and lots of mums-to-be milling around, all watched over by the eagle-eyed sheep dogs. I love taking my camera round the farm, there are so many opportunities for interesting pictures.

When I wasn’t busy with the lambs I had a few welding lessons – to get the whole farm experience! Turns out I’m pretty handy with the ol’ welding if I do say so myself. All in all, not the best weekend to start wearing all my precious me-made clothes really. But I made a pledge and I certainly wasn’t going to fail in the first week, so I wore the ones that wash well and could be covered up by a huge coat to save them from the mud. Perhaps this is a wardrobe hole I need to consider – homemade clothes I dislike enough I’m happy to let a lamb dribble milk all over them… Anyway, here’s what I’ve been wearing so far!

I had a great time on the farm, but during the lulls I was really itching to get back to my sewing machine! Do any of you get withdrawal symptoms from sewing? I knew I had the makings of a cream Mathilde blouse sitting on my sewing bench and I desperately wanted to start it! Perhaps I need to take a trailer full of sewing supplies with me wherever I go so I can get my fix. Like a lot of bloggers out there, sewing is my therapy, so I get really frustrated when I can’t pick it up.

Well I’m back now and I’ve just cut out all my pieces so I’m ready to go. Still can’t decide if I should put sleeves on it yet though, what do you think? I love the Mathilde sleeves, but I’m planning to gather the front instead of pin-tucks, so I think the sleeves as well might make it a bit billowy. I reckon I’ll make it and try it on without sleeves and see how it looks. Got plenty of fabric, so maybe I can try both.

How are your Me Made Mays going? Finding any wardrobe holes yet?

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