Autumn Arielle Skirt

Hello everyone! How have you been? I’m back with a proper project this time! Introducing my first Arielle skirt.Red Wool Arielle

The Arielle skirt is another Tilly pattern. I know, I know, I need to branch out. But her patterns always work, guys! They’re safe and comforting and considering my hygge kick, that’s just what I needed. I bought some lovely wool blend in a deep red/maroon in Masons with this project in mind and for lining I used leftover spotty cotton fabric from my Mimi blouse.

Red Wool Arielle

My hips are always larger than the rest of me on patterns, so I graded out a size from the waist. The waist still turned out too big, requiring me to sew the top button on a little further over to cinch it in. I don’t think this has altered the hang too much, but I may grade in another size at the waist next time.

Red Wool Arielle

Red Wool Arielle

This is a great wardrobe filler pattern. If you make it in a plain colour it will go with loads of things, but the buttons make it much more fun than a plain mini skirt. And look at those buttons! I love it when you find the perfect buttons in your stash to make your project sing. One slight worry is that sometimes they feel like they’re being strained when I sit down – it’s a little scary having the buttons as the only thing holding it together.

Red Wool Arielle

As for construction, this all went together very easily. The only challenge I had was the curved corner on the lining, but an iron soon tamed it. I didn’t fold the hem up as much as the pattern because it was already a good length when I tried it on hem-less. I did the hem by hand as well, so that the stitching wouldn’t be visible on the outside, and I’m glad I made the effort because it looks really good

Red Wool ArielleAll in all I’m really pleased with this. It will work really well with jumpers and cardies and tights, but it will also look good in the spring with a blouse tucked in. I just hope I’ve sewn those buttons on well enough because buttons falling off could be a little disastrous…

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    1. Thank you Pamela! I just cut out another Arielle, which I’m excited about, though I really need to branch out into some other patterns – I’ve got myself into a cosy T&TB rut and I don’t want to get out đŸ˜‰

      I’ve been out of the loop for a little while, how has the blogosphere been? Can’t believe you made a coat! Looks awesome :)

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