Ethical Clothing with The Guilty Feminist

Phew it’s been a while! Life has been very hectic with my new job and I’ve only made a few garments lately, which I haven’t had a chance to photograph.

Sewing is still on my mind, though, and none more so than this week when I listened to a podcast about ethical clothing.

I have become addicted to The Guilty Feminist over the past few months. It is a perfect balance of absolutely hilarious and hugely empowering. I would recommend it to anyone, you absolutely must give it a try. Great thing to listen to while sewing!

Their latest episode is all about the fashion industry and the little things you can do to make a difference. I was feeling really happy about the tiny number of garments I’ve bought lately because I’ve been sewing instead. Obviously, there’s always more I can do and I constantly try to improve, but it’s nice to know your impact is less than a lot of people.

Anyway, go and have a listen! It’s completely brilliant. Just a word of warning, I’ve been known to burst out laughing in the street while listening to it šŸ˜‰

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